Perfect Presents for your Yule Pup

YuleGlobal brings you a collection of unique Christmas gifts for your dog or for the dog-lover in your life such as  fabulous beds, bedding, leads and collars, coats, stockings, sacks and shoes.

Our handmade Christmas dog gifts can be bespoke or ready made – whatever your choice your gift will be unique.

Prices from £9.99 to £379.

Retro Style Dog Bed

From £379 (plus postage and packing)

YuleGlobal’s mid-century style hand-crafted dog bed is made entirely in Somerset.  Perfectly styled to suit all tastes and interiors and will certainly appeal to the fashion-conscious dog. Doesn’t Dave look content!

Shown here in  oiled English ash with deep green velvet cushion to suit the festive season, our bespoke dog beds can be tailored to coordinate with any furnishings.  Cushion and cover are removable and washable. Email info@yuleglobal for more details.

Prices start at £359 for this unique dog bed

Dimensions 20 cm x 43 cm x 69 cm for small dog bed.

Made to order. Bespoke sizes also available for a unique pet bed.


Bespoke Dog Blankets

From  £45 (plus postage and packing)

YuleGlobal’s hand sewn individual and unique dog blankets can be made to order. Christmas dog blankets will be perfect for both your favourite pet and your stylish home. Whether faux fur dog blankets or other fabrics of your choice our hand crafted dog blankets are padded for comfort and warmth,. A pocket can be added for a favourite toy or Christmas gift as well.

Or treat your best friend to a special new dog blanket suitable for all year round. These unique pet blankets are suitable for cats too.

Prices start at £45 for a small blanket 60 cm x 45 cm

Email for more information.

Unique Ready-Made Dog Blankets

From £45 (plus postage and packing)

YuleGlobal’s selection of ready-made hand-sewn dog blankets  (45 cm x 60 cm) are priced at £45 and suit small breed dogs or could be used as a Christmas cat blanket too.  They are  padded and machine washable. Email to place your order.

Forty Winks £45 (plus postage and packing) Sami-inspired Christmas  faux fur dog blanket with decorative trim and  toy pocket/Sami-inspired velveteen Christmas dog blanket in Scarlet with faux fur trim and decorative braid.

A beautiful double – sided  stylish Christmas pet blanket. Great value!


Bespoke Dog Cushion

From £59  (plus postage and packing)

Hand made faux fur dog cushions from small size (45 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm) are ideal for a Christmas dog cushion for your pet. Suitable all year round as well, our unique dog cushions and covers are machine washable and each one is an individually designed dog cushion with removable cover. Robust enough to withstand general use, stylish enough to be eye-catching.

Ready Made  Unique Dog Cushions

From £59 (plus postage and packing)

Hand made in Somerset our ready made  individual dog cushions featured below are  also completely unique. with detachable cover and fully machine washable.

Sweet Dreams £59 (plus postage and packing)  Sami inspired Christmas Dog Cushion  – hand made in faux reindeer fur with decorative trim. Small size ( 20 cm x 45 cm x 60 cm) suitable for small breeds.


Festive Dog Ruffs

From £22.99 (plus postage and packing) for  extra small size

With silky ribbon, festive trim, bells and Christmas  message our unique faux fur festive dog ruffs  make a great little stocking filler for your favourite pooch or a splendid gift for a dog lover. Once again our gifts are unique, hand made in Somerset and are created from unusual and vintage trims.  Cut a Christmas dash like Dave!

Whether bespoke dog gifts or ready made, each festive Christmas collar is unique. Email for further details.


Christmas Dog Leads

£20  (plus postage and packing)

In Christmassy trim, faux fur around the hand loop and a jingle bell too, a seasonal dog lead is fabulous for getting in the mood for Christmas. Commissions or ready made to match ruff or coat . Great stocking fillers for dog lovers and great stocking fillers for dogs.


Doggy Yule Shoes

From £9.99 ( plus postage and packing)

Yule Shoes are the perfect container for special Christmas gifts for your dog. (see our YuleShoe collection). We are happy to fill a shoe with organic, hypoallergenic treats and/or toys, or a collection of our stylish and unique dog accessories. Email for further details.

Coordinate your Yule Pup’s Yule Shoe with your best friend’s favourite Christmas outfit. Commissions welcome. Email for further details.

Sami Red

Coat £49, Yule shoe £24.99

Sami Blue

Coat £49, Yule Shoe £24.99

Mix and Match

Snow Queen 

Gown £99  (plus postage and packing)

Fabulous  creamy white winter damask coat lined in oyster silk and trimmed with off-white faux fur. Perfect for a winter wedding or other glamorous occasion. Small /medium size .

Lead and collar £25 plus postage and packing

Coordinating lead and collar in oyster silk with off-white faux fur trim and  gold metal clasp 

Ruff  (£22.99 plus postage and packing)

Sophisticated winter dog ruff for special occasions in creamy-white damask with  off-white fur  trim and cream satin ribbon. Our ruffs come in a pearl oyster presentation box.

Dave awaits his toboggan ride with yule sack and yule shoe bulging with Christmas delights, and stylish, cosy Sami-inspired faux fur dog coat.

Hurry up, Father Christmas!


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