Yule Sacks

img_20161009_174008269YuleGlobal’s Christmas sacks appeal to all ages, young and old alike, and make a fabulous heirloom gift for all the family. Each sack is totally luxurious and completely unique. ¬†Whether you choose faux fur or shiny bright every hand-finished bag is fully padded and lined. Jingle bells will alert a wakeful child to Santa’s presence and Nordic Christmas messages have been added to greet him whilst he stuffs the sacks full of presents. A pocket or two – sometimes tucked away inside – will be the ideal receptacle for the tiniest of gifts or for a letter to Father Christmas.


A brightly coloured, shiny sack will be perfect for a retro Christmas. Imagine these striped sacks under a tree laden with mid century baubles!



For a traditional Nordic style yuletide go for fur by the fireplace or at the end of the bed!


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