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Yule Sacks

Fabulous heirloom Christmas Sacks to delight young and old

At YuleGlobal we believe that the act of unwrapping is an essential and enthralling part of Christmas. Untying a gaudy silk cord, opening a vintage clasp or unbuttoning a hidden pocket to reveal a special gift prolongs the excitement on Christmas morning.  

Whether you choose faux fur or shiny bright every hand-finished bag is fully padded and contrast-lined. Jingle bells will alert a wakeful child to Santa’s presence and Nordic Christmas messages have been added to greet him whilst he stuffs the sacks full of presents. A pocket or two – sometimes tucked away inside – will be the ideal receptacle for the tiniest of gifts or as a portal for a letter to Father Christmas.

Each  luxurious YuleGlobal  Yule Sack is entirely unique and comes one of three sizes:

Chimney Blocker – a huge sack  in a variety of fabrics and finishes, guaranteed to get a child’s eyes sparkling especially when packed to bursting.

Approx 60 cm x 60 cm £69 (plus postage and packing)

Choose shiny bright to accessorise a tree laden with vintage baubles for the mid century retro look

Go for faux fur by the fireside for yuletide Nordic style

Reindeer Saddle Bag – a “handbag sized” bag suitable for teenagers and adults. With grown up gifts, smaller is most definitely better, but little boxes get lost in our Chimney Blocker. Everyone wants a bulging sack so stuff one of Santa’s Saddle Bags with goodies instead.

Approx 40  cm x  50 cm  – £59 (plus postage and packing)








Sami Bag  – inspired by the Sami’s carefully crafted coffee bags YuleGlobal’s smallest gift bag is perfect to fill with eats and treats. Present one to your Christmas host or fill with individual table gifts for a post-lunch lucky dip. In leatherette, faux fur or vintage fabric with unusual and vintage trims, clasps and buckles.

Approx  20 cm x 35 cm – £39 (plus postage and packing)








Bespoke Christmas Sacks

YuleGlobal loves to make bespoke sacks to order. This special patchwork Christmas Bag is redolent of Amish or early American settler crafts.

All orders come with unique code and certification.

Email  for further details.


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