Yule Shoes

Unusual Christmas gift bags for all occasions

In a plethora of different Christmassy styles each YuleGlobal Yule Shoe is unique and hand-finished with vintage and festive trims and jingle bells.

YuleGlobal’s Yule Shoes are an essential part of the festive season.

Yule Shoes come in  five sizes:

Standard (approx 20 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm) fabric £29.99 / faux fur £34.99

Small  (approx  10 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm) fabric £24.99 / faux fur £29.99

Mini (approx  7 cm x 8 cm x 4 cm) fabric £9.99  / faux fur £11.99

Giant (approx  40 cm x 45 cm x 20 cm) fabric £59.99 / faux fur £69.99

Mega (approx  70 cm x 60 cm x 40 cm)  fabric £79.99  faux fur £89.99

Bespoke YuleGlobal  always welcomes commissions in any size and style, not just those specified above.  We can access a huge array of vintage and antique haberdashery, fabrics and trimmings, from the C18 onwards. Why not commission a Yule Shoe to coordinate with a Yule sack? For more details email info@yuleglobal.com




24 tissue-wrapped sweets and tiny gifts make a novel and delightful countdown to Christmas. Pop them into a Yule Shoe for maximum excitement on the build-up to the special day! YuleGlobal can supply age -appropriate gifts to your own budget . Email info@yuleglobal.com for more details.



Instead of a stocking

For a Nordic style Christmas, where children receive gifts in a shoe, there is a Yule Shoe to suit the taste of every child. YuleGlobal is happy to source age-appropriate gifts for your  family and friends to suit your budget. Email info@yuleglobal.com for more details.




What better way to display yuletide greenery or floral displays than in a Yule Shoe? Every window sill should have one in December.



Eats and Treats 

Nuts and fruit, biscuits and candy canes  are twice as festive displayed in a Yule Shoe, whilst a  large, padded Yule Shoe keeps wine nicely ambient before it gets snaffled by yuletide bon viveurs.



On the tree 

A little something for guests both expected and unexpected. Fill with seasonal offerings to complete your gift.



At the table

Use tiny Yule Shoes for individual place names.

Pop a table gift for each guest into a Yule Shoe placed at the centre of the table at the Christmas feast.

Try a pot-luck lucky dip with toys for the children, alcoholic miniatures for the adults, indoor fireworks, charades, quizzes, games and jokes – the choice is endless.

Here a Yule Shoe gives a festive twist to a pot of cranberry sauce.



Seasonal Storage

From log basket to laundry, for a  dash of Christmassy pazzazz, store the necessary but mundane  in a Yule Shoe over the festive season



Make a Yule Shoe an essential part of every Christmas!

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